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As part of LexisNexis Legal & Professional we are a leading global provider of regulatory and business information and analytics that help professional customers make better decisions, increase productivity and serve clients better. Our leading products and services are used throughout the world and in virtually every industry and area of business.

We serve customers in more than 175 countries with 10,000 employees worldwide, and are part of RELX Group. RELX Group is one of the constituents of the FTSE 100 Index, Financial Times Global 500 and Euronext 100 Index.

Because every organisation is unique, we can adapt our products to your individual business needs—providing you with easy-to-use, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions. Discover examples of how we've helped leading organisations with their information needs by checking out our case studies

What Global Business Solutions are?

Timely and reliable information on various professionals, companies or entire industries, leading to strategic success is what a Global Business Solution is. LexisNexis combines an intelligent database of unparalleled dimensions, with advanced discovery, data visualization and analysis capabilities, providing global business solutions that make research easy to do, stay at the forefront of information, identify risks, comply with the law and detect new opportunities.

For more than 30 years, LexisNexis provides professional information and technological solutions for all IT, private and government sectors of activity. Using innovative information technology, our team help professionals find the insights they need from the largest pool of information available in the world. On a daily basis, we not only aggregate millions of legal information flows but also licensed offline press and online media flows, and integrate them into our solutions to offer the best professional information to the clients.

Rely on LexisNexis® solutions to track key players in the field and get a bird’s-eye view of relevant mergers and acquisitions. Get the regulatory requirements in the fight against money laundering, corruption, and terrorist financing with flexible solutions and adapt to risk management as well as due diligence processes, and make the right decisions to mitigate the risk exposure

Knowing and understanding the media and individuals' perspective on the business, brand, market, and competitors are essential. LexisNexis media monitoring solutions has expertise in marketing, communications, public relations, research & development and documentation departments access, analyzing and sharing the right information. We are able to help and support you meet each of your media intelligence and analytical needs with turnkey and personalized solutions and services, and make informed decisions.

Use LexisNexis global business solutions to get the complete picture of all the key players in the market or field.

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