Enhance Compliance Risk Visibility with State Owned Enterprises Data Powered by Info4C

12 May 2021 00:00

State Owned Enterprises Factsheet

State owned enterprises (SOEs) operate in countries around the world, accumulating assets currently equal to half of the global GDP—$45 trillion. While SOEs can make attractive business partners, they also expose organizations to increased regulatory risk for several reasons:

  • Many SOEs operate in sectors recognized as high risk for financial crime, bribery and corruption—from banking and healthcare to extractives and public utilities.
  • Management and board members of SOEs are more likely to include politically exposed persons (PEPs), another potential source of compliance risk.
  • Governments worldwide have prioritised the fight against financial crime, bribery and corruption, leading to increased regulation and cross-border collaboration during investigations.

The Info4C SOEs data is also available through Nexis® Data as a Service for integration directly into in-house risk management or analytics applications.

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