Four Insights for Unstoppable Media Intelligence Reports

01 November 2022 00:00

Media Intelligence Reports

Staying on top of a brand or organization’s media coverage is one of the most challenging aspects of any PR or communication pros job. In today’s fast-paced landscape, coverage can come from anywhere in the world, 24-hours a day. On top of that, the power of social media can quickly fan the flames of any story, taking it from a blip on the radar to a full-scale crisis in a matter of hours. The sheer size of the task can be daunting, to say the least.

With so much on the line, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools in place to not only track coverage as it’s happening, but to mine that coverage for the key insights that can inform your strategy moving forward. Thankfully, Nexis Newsdesk™ now does the hard work for you, automatically identifying the most relevant data from each search and visualizing it as charts, graphs and word clouds that can be easily explored and exported. To help you make the most of this new tool, here are four insights to include in your next coverage report.

Dive Into Story Sentiment

On the surface, monitoring for media coverage seems like a simple task. Note the coverage, identify the reach of the publication and move on to the next. Doing it well is an entirely different proposition, requiring you to delve deeper into that coverage to see what’s actually being said.

Newsdesk™ make this a breeze, automatically identifying if the sentiment of each piece of coverage found in your search is positive, negative or neutral. You can even take that a step further by clicking on the sentiment category you want to learn about, which offers even deeper insights into your best (and worst) coverage.

Analyze Spikes in Coverage

A major spike in coverage is obviously an important data point. But it’s more important to know why that coverage occurred.  Nexis Newsdesk™ creates a line graph for each search that maps out the amount of news coverage over a selected period of time, visualizing where spikes occurred in an instant. Not only that, but any point on the graph can be clicked to dive into what was driving that dip or spike. It’s a powerful way to understand how outside factors like IPOs, major world events or a trade show appearance are impacting your efforts.

Find the Most Active Sources

Nexis Newsdesk™ automatically identifies which news organizations and journalists are reporting on your brand, company or organization, organizing this information in order of frequency and reach. Each reporter or outlet within these lists is even expandable, allowing you to quickly explore what other topics they’ve recently covered. This can be useful when developing a pitch or building your media relations database.

Explore Adjacent Topics

Search strings can get complicated when you’re trying to check every single box necessary for optimal results. Boolean is its own language, after all. Fortunately, Nexis Newsdesk™ has built-in trending topics, which provides valuable additional context around your keyword, industry, brand, or organization searches. Identify and drill down into new topics or keywords you may have missed, or use the insights gleaned to position your company or product within new conversations.

Ready to make your next PR campaign unstoppable? Visit our LexisNexis® Media Solutions page to learn more about the full suite of Nexis® Media Intelligence tools.

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