Set risk levels for each PESTLE category for highly relevant media monitoring

Flexible customization features let you weight the PESTLE scoring to match your risk-based approach. By applying color coding to levels of threat, you gain immediate visual cues— from red critical to amber warning—to better anticipate third party risk. LexisNexis Entity Insight helps you minimize supply chain and wider business disruption, stay alert to potential compliance risks and protect your corporate brand.

Expand the scope of your risk media monitoring with ease

  • In addition to the authoritative news, regulatory and legal sources covered—many of which are not available on the open web—LexisNexis Entity Insight also helps provide additional awareness on private companies beyond what they self-report. Getting started with this powerful solution takes just three simple steps to easily upload individual or batch collections of suppliers and third parties for monitoring.
  • Define your risk scoring needs for each PESTLE category—none, all (low, medium and high), medium and high or high only—to align with your internal company policy.
  • Quickly generate RSS links to integrate risk monitoring findings into your preferred business systems.
    This approach helps ensure that the scope of your monitoring fits your company's specific needs so you can more quickly move from data to actionable insights.

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