Stay ahead of the innovation curve


Your R&D department is tasked with optimizing and expanding product portfolios and breaking through existing business models in unconventional ways to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation.

Patent information is the most comprehensive record of inventions and serves as an early indicator of how technologies are evolving, often many years before these technologies yield actual business impact. Patents provide a head start, buying you time to react.

Enable data-backed innovation strategy


Turn comprehensive patent data into information that is easy to capture through intelligent visualizations. This enables you to keep an eye on your competitive environment, competitors’ strategies, and new entrants into your competitive sphere.

PatentSight can help you discover new technology areas that build on your existing patent strategy. Identify new industries where your proprietary knowledge is used to enter completely new development areas unrelated to your core business. This may create unprecedented opportunities for you to generate revenue based on your existing technologies with completely new products offered in new markets.

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Support pioneering work with unique market and technology knowledge

Patent analyses with PatentSight® provide comprehensive overviews of relevant technology areas and help identify new growth fields. Keep track of known and emerging competitors and their strategies.

A Handbook for Patent Data Quality

Learn how LexisNexis® PatentSight® has developed a unique and industry trusted approach toward ensuring consistent high-quality data.

A Handbook for Patent Data Quality
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