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Keeping an eye on the trends
LexisNexis Newsdesk® helps you find key influences, market trends, industry highlights and competitive information with just a few clicks. You save time and effort in comparing your sources.

You can rely on us
With LexisNexis Newsdesk®, you can rely on our experts. We take action to test and analyse search terms and enrich content. Not only with metadata, but also with tagging, metrics and text normalisation.

Let's get started!
When you subscribe to LexisNexis, help is only a click or a phone call away. First stop for user support is the User Site. Here you have access to all the latest guides, tutorials, webinars and case studies. Quick and easy! You can even customise you experience by creating personalised dashboards, with an interface that matches your organisation's branding.

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Why Newsdesk®

Let LexisNexisNewsdesk® be your eyes and ears for media monitoring and analysis

How LexisNexis Newsdesk®works

Always in the know

Cut through the clutter to monitor key news and events that may impact your organisation, LexisNexis Newsdesk® helps you make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Key metrics in the blink of an eye

Keep executives informed on how you're meeting business objectives. Use LexisNexis Newsdesk® data visualisation reports for share of voice, sentiment analysis, coverage by geography and more.

Spot trends and share insights

Developing new business and maintaining existing business comes down to being able to spot trends quickly. LexisNexis Newsdesk® lets you identify key influencers, market trends, industry highlights and competitive information with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness. Share you insights with colleagues and be assured that your critical market intelligence is copyright compliant.

All-in-one media monitoring that helps you uncover actionable insights based on comprehensive, international content collection 

Search and monitor with ease

Keep track of emerging issues and trends across licensed print and online content from one interface, in 75 languages from more than 100 countries. You can even personalise your searches and alerts to track topics of interest.

Analyse and organise your findings

lets you define personalised criteria, to help identify trends and insights and stay on top of your game. Our intuitive data  visualisation tools let you drag and drop as needed. What's more, you can use our improved automated analytics for sentiment analysis, share of voice, geo coverage mapping and custom analysis.

Share your research

Our advanced customise distribution tools let you brand your newsletters and RSS feeds. You can then share copyright-compliant news and information with colleagues and clients alike. Furthermore, you can integrate content. Think about live charts and visualisations with company portals, intranets and CRM systems. Support collaboration and provide valuable insights.

LexisNexis Newsdesk® wins CODiE Awards for best News Media Monitoring Solution

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