Key Trends for Development Professionals in 2021: How to drive donor engagement during times of disruption

13 May 2021 00:00

Development Professionals

Nonprofits and university development offices know how to adapt. After all, many charitable organizations and foundations make it their mission to tackle the fall-out from disruptive events- from providing aid in response to a natural disaster to addressing economic, social, or environmental challenges within their own communities and around the world. This resilience became even more important as development professionals adjusted to a world without in-person fundraising events. Unsurprisingly, the disruption of 2020 has influenced the trends expected for 2021. What do you need to consider in the coming year?

Offering powerful search technology and a source universe that spans public records*, news, company, and executive information, and more, Nexis® for Development Professionals can help you discover the best donor prospects to move your mission forward—whether you’re raising funds for a nonprofit or a university development office.

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