How to handle Social Media panic

24 July 2019 12:37pm
Media Intelligence

Facing Social Media panic? Here are three ways to handle it

You would have probably faced a situation where someone (your own staff or a client) would have read something on social media that had caused them to panic. In all probability that would have been untrue. How do you handle this panic situation? Do you have facts on the table to counter it?

A recent article in Newsweek discussed fake news and stated that there were numerous fake social media accounts that pretended to be real people. They created nearly 1,000 social media posts a day. This highlights the immense problem related to fake intelligence, media monitoring, newsdesk, social media monitoring, social media panic

Fake news though is not necessarily about a particular subject. It can even be about a person, a company, or the industry. There is no limit to fake news. Being a research expert, you would need to be able to weed out fake news, so that people don’t fall for such news and get into a panic situation.

Being proactive is the solution. Instead of waiting for fake news and then trying to issue a clarification;it's better to have solid research on hand. This research shared regularly with all stakeholders ensures that people are aware of what is going in and have a complete picture. This would ensure that they don’t fall for fake news.

Here are three steps to prevent social media panic

Step #1: Make a plan and let everyone know

Come out with a research plan and make sure all your stakeholders know about this. People would thus experience peace of mind as they know what is happening. You can also get due credit for the research you have done. Make sure you plan and communicate information related to company performance, issues affecting the company, industry trends, market trends, and other such relevant information. Most importantly this research needs to be organized well so that they give people who read them a complete picture. It must not be pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, everything should fit in smoothly so they get a clear insight. If you can provide consistent research, then you would be well-equipped to face any social media panic situation.

Step #2: Get alerts

Social media is dynamic, and people get constantly about what is happening. The nature of social media is that people wait for a post or tweet with some news. Make sure you are aware and alerted to what is happening in your domain. You can make use of the services of partners like Nexis so that you can keep getting regular alerts on a daily or monthly basis. These alerts would let you know that is happening in the industry and you would have information on what your customer needs to know.

Step #3: Authentic Content

The problem with the internet and social media is the authenticity of the content. It is very important to provide content to stakeholders that are authentic and comes from a credible and reliable source. This is where a reliable research solution like Nexis would be of great use. You would be able to now access credible sources that can be trusted. Also using a research solution allows you to access content that is relevant for you and is comprehensive. This is content that can be easily searched and you can get the best information. The result is that you can provide insights based on authentic content.

Following the three steps mentioned above would ensure that you have put into place a research process that can handle any social media meltdown situation and prevent a panic. Using credible and authentic sources for providing content ensures that your stakeholders trust you and would not heed any fake news on social media.

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