How does Nexis® Data as a Service support risk management?

Whether you want to integrate data into your in-house ERM system or leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to enhance risk visibility, you need access to timely, relevant data. Nexis® Data as a Service can help. Use the Nexis® Metabase Adverse Media Feed to power predictive analytics that help you identify emerging  reputational risks, such as changes in the public perception of existing customers, suppliers or third parties. The feed can be customized to align with your organization’s specific risk considerations.

Risk Management with a Customizable Adverse Media Feed

Nexis® Metabase Adverse Media Feed enables greater visibility into negative news that could impact your business.

Nexis® Data as a Service offers an adverse media feed that helps companies:

  • Capture a comprehensive perspective of adverse media from sources around the world, helping organizations with a global footprint understand potential risk, wherever it appears.
  • Tailor the adverse media feed to align to an individual organization’s unique risk considerations.

The Benefits:

Our customizable adverse media feed allows entities to break through both the overload and noise of constant negative news. The adverse media feed puts the adaptive power back into the hands of risk professionals, enabling them to add, discard and change their adverse media monitoring searches to meet their evolving risk concerns.

  • Access easy-to-customize low, medium and high adverse media templates*. Each template consists of an index of pre-populated adverse search terms. Companies can tailor and recreate these templates to reflect their specific adverse monitoring needs.
  • Different geographical regions provide for a variety of perceptions of business-threats. Being able to further customize the adverse media feed templates helps address cultural and geographical differences.
  • Industry-specific challenges and negative trends are often difficult to trace and identify in global adverse media-monitoring tools. Tailoring them to the requirements of different industries and entities allows for a more precise analysis.
  • Select between multiple languages, providing extensive opportunities for tuning the adverse media feeds to different regions.

Nexis Data as a Service

With an unmatched global content collection enhanced through normalization and metadata enrichments, Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS) delivers the highly relevant, archival and current data organizations require for a broad range of artificial intelligence applications.

Nexis Data as a Service offers access to current and archival data via a variety of application programming interfaces, including Search and Retrieve, Bulk and Constant Call APIs.

Nexis Data as a Service can connect you to:

  • Legal entity data from Open Corporates to help you establish a company’s legal name, as well as any DBA names, a critical piece of meeting regulations aimed at curtailing financial crime, bribery and corruption. This data covers 165 million companies and 220 million officerships in 130 jurisdictions.
  • Critical Mentions broadcast transcripts and video clips, which includes an archive of 2.3 billion documents across 1,500+ news channels. With 1.4 million new documents added daily, this dataset enables more robust analysis of CEO interviews and more, allowing you to capture the context behind headlines and soundbites.
  • Corporate Affiliations featuring corporate hierarchies, data on top executives and board members and company profiles of 2 million public and private companies around the world. This data is useful for identifying beneficial ownership, verifying self-reported data during onboarding, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Companies are using a wide range of AI applications to support their due diligence and ongoing monitoring processes and thereby manage risk. But AI tools are only as effective as the data powering them. Our data goes through a data fabrication, classification, and enrichment process, so you’re not just using big data - you’re using smart data.

Nexis Data as a Service delivers data via flexible APIs - Search & Retrieve, Constant Call or Bulk - for easy integration into in-house risk management applications. Explore our comprehensive source universe of data for risk management and discover the other CORE advantages of Nexis Data as a Service.

Nexis® Data as a Service

LexisNexis® DaaS is a service that enables organisations to connect to our world-class database through an API to get the premium data they need – in a format that suits them – to fit with their own application.

Nexis® Data as a Service

Big Data Powers PR, Marketing & Sales

Knowing what people think about your brand, products and service is the holy grail of successful business. By understanding your strengths, you can amplify them; by identifying your weaknesses, address them.

Big Data Powers  PR, Marketing & Sales

Powering AI Initiatives in Academia

Connect your university to a vast text-based source universe that is ideal for training, testing, and validating projects for data science , particularly natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and advanced data analytics.

Powering AI Initiatives in Academia

Customizable Adverse News Feeds

Our customizable adverse news feed allows entities to break through the noise. The adverse news feed puts the power back into the hands of professionals, enabling them to add, discard and change their monitoring criteria dynamically to meet evolving needs and concerns.

Customizable Adverse News Feeds

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