What Lexis® Library does for you

A straightforward law library
Our Lexis® Library offers you a single online resource that gives you efficient access to a full range of cases, commentary, legislation, forms, handbooks, news, journals, bulletins and handbooks.

Work more efficiently
Get the power of the most authoritative source of UK legal materials on the market behind you, and never miss a beat. Simple, advanced online searching gives you access to the latest information, resources and expert opinions. From sources that include Butterworths, Tolley and Halsbury's.

Get more out of your search
You will receive reports twice a day with 'Stop Press', keeping you up to date on any changes in UK legislation. In addition, LexisLibrary and LexisPSL work together to provide the content and guidance lawyers have come to trust.

How Lexis® Library works

With the latest in authoritative content, primary legislation, current legal and market updates, a time-saving toolbox and a free legal app, LexisLibrary holds the key to building a successful and convincing case.

Why buy Lexis® Library?

  • Get daily updates
  • Cut down research time
  • Free legal app
Why buy Lexis® Library?

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