Competitive intelligence & benchmarking


We understand that the key to deriving reliable insights is measuring true patent strength rather than merely counting the number of patent filings. Key decision-makers in technology-driven companies trust our patent analysis approach to provide reliable and relevant portfolio benchmarks.

Use our benchmarking charts and tables to:

  • Compare patent portfolios quantities and qualities.
  • Monitor competitors’ portfolio strengths and developments
  • Track the progress of interesting portfolios using industry proven KPIs
  • Raise awareness among your internal customers and communicate patent metrics in an easy-to-understand format to top management

A scientifically developed and industry-proven measure of quality and influence

The Patent Asset Index methodology has been developed and pioneered by PatentSight. Since it considers both the quantity and the quality of patents, the Patent Asset Index allows you to quickly cut through the patent thicket to discover invaluable insights and hidden gems. Many leading organizations belonging to diverse realms of technology rely on the Patent Asset Index and its derived metrics to monitor their patent portfolio and report the progress they make compared to competitors.

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Use Case

Using the Patent Asset Index for Patent Portfolio Benchmarking

In this whitepaper, we compare active patents and revenues generated from the intellectual property of IBM and Qualcomm.

<b>Use Case</b>
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