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Lex Machina ™ provides unprecedented insights into themes of judges, lawyers, parties and cases, extracted from millions of pages of litigation data.

Law office usage

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Victory in lawsuit

The data highlights a noteworthy trend of past litigation

Do I need to persuade a judge to approve a jurisdiction transfer? You can see all the transfer case trends from previous cases involving the judge. Do you need to predict how long the case will take? LexMachina provides detailed data for all federal court judges with time to trial and time to trial. Do you need a competitive analysis of your partner's attorneys? Get one-click data such as a customer list, the number of pending cases, and relevant legal proceedings.

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Customer Acquisition

Increase competitive advantage through marketing and sales development

Law firms can use Lex Machina's data and insights to quantify related experiences, compare with competitors, and quickly assemble winning sales talks. As a result, you can demonstrate expertise on specific themes, an understanding of the other party and the lawyer, experience with specific judges, and the processing power available.

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Develop an allegation strategy

Learn from successful and failed claims

Successful lawyers use Legal Analytics to develop a successful claim strategy. Motion Metric makes it easy to identify claims and orders related to a case. Lex Machina will present successful and unsuccessful claims and show you all aspects of the claim process and its implications.

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Usage for companies

Selection of external lawyer

Compare attorneys and find the person with the best track record

Have you ever been promoted to a law firm that you have “broad expertise” that you can show to judges in lawsuits? Only LexMachina has a comprehensive overview, including leading clients to win. Find out what other companies your corporate lawyer is serving as a client.

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Early assessment of litigation cases

Acquisition of knowledge that can be implemented immediately

When a lawsuit is filed, the basic question about the plaintiff and his law firm is that they want to resolve it immediately, rather than waiting and paying for it. While traditional research tools may be able to display a list of cases that the other party has, only LexMachina can get a one-click view of the findings that can bring a lawsuit such as the end and average time to outcome.

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Claim strategy

Decision on whether to make a large claim

Lex Machina can provide statistics on the success rate of alleged claims that are tailored to your case. If the judge has allowed only 3 out of 50 petitions over the last five years, you can invest the cost of the petition into another strategy.

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Intellectual property transactions

Consider strengthening intellectual property portfolio through acquisition

Are you doing due diligence or competitive analysis, or are you considering how to monetize your IP? The legal history of your entire patent portfolio includes enforcement, infringement fact finding, invalidity, infeasibility, and You can see at a glance about the damages, including the number of times. Our Patent Similarity Engine expands the search range and allows you to find similar but not obvious patents. Analyse potential license litigation performance. You can find out how many times the declaration decision is requested, the number of litigation related to royalties, and the number of deviations from the license scope. You can search for companies that will immediately bring you to the conversation without aggressively pursuing invalid claims.

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Peer benchmark

Search for law firms used by peers, number of cases, time to trial, patent invalidity results, etc.

Worried that you're twice as expensive as your industry peers? With Lex Machina's unique Peer Company Analysis, you can quickly and efficiently compare your legal process and results with your peers. It is possible.

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