Respond faster with real-time information

Protect your company’s reputation

Unless you know what is being said about you in the media, you cannot respond appropriately. Keep an ongoing check on your brand awareness and the opinions of your customers.

Secure your competitive edge

Monitoring your competitors and checking facts, intentions and risks can secure you key competitive advantages.

Identify trends

Analyse topics and trends with up-to-date technology for sentiment analysis, share-of-voice mapping, geo-coverage mapping and custom analysis and look at data through other eyes.

Achieve current awareness

A user-friendly platform enables you to navigate the flood of information quickly and easily. Modern search tools give you relevant and useful information in real time.

Here’s how Nexis Newsdesk can help you

Nexis Newsdesk is a multi-award-winning solution for media monitoring and analysis. In 2017 it again won the CODiE award for the best news media monitoring solution. With Nexis Newsdesk it is quick and easy to search, analyse and share market information from the industry’s most comprehensive collection of news, radio and social media sources.

The information updates instantly, enabling you to learn about the very latest issues even before the press can report on them. You can monitor the media and your market in real time and are therefore perfectly placed to respond promptly to changes.

Whether you are checking out the competition, monitoring the tonality of reports about your company or looking for ideas for your content marketing, Nexis Newsdesk gives you the answers you need to secure important advantages. Amid the ever-growing flood of information you can focus on relevant material so that you can make decisions quickly.


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Benefits in all areas

PR/Communication & Marketing

Monitor how your brand is perceived in traditional and new media. Demonstrate the success of your marketing campaigns, identify opinion leaders and monitor announcements related to your crisis communication.

Competitive Intelligence

Analyse the competition in detail, see how your competitors are perceived, pick up on trends and identify the strategies of other market players.

Business Development & Strategy

Obtain a useful overview of the activities of current and potential business partners and draw up detailed profiles. Know where your market is heading.

Research  & Development

Track comments and opinions on new products or services. Identify positive or negative feedback immediately and respond accordingly.

Take a look at our top-class sources

Over 60,000 online and print sources (selection):sources in LexisNexis Newsdesk

  • Online Press
    International, national and local news sources, business publications and press releases
  • Blogs  & Forums
    WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers, Craigslist, Groupon
  • Social Media
    Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Ning, Flickr, SmugMug, Youtube, Vimeo,, MSN Video, Dailymotion,
  • Websites of companies, government agencies and organisations
    Company websites, government websites, websites of NGOs and industry associations
  • Print Media
    Digitalised print editions of international, national and local news sources and business publications
  • Broadcasting
    Videos and transcripts of broadcast media (television and radio)

Benefits and other functions of NexisNewsdesk

  • Automated media monitoring and versatile search functions
    Track important news and events that could impact on your company and make fact-based decisions. Save time and resources with an automated media monitoring system and accurate search functions that deliver high-quality results.

  • Worldwide information daily – in real time
    Newsdesk enables you to access more than 60,000 sources of national and international news and business information – in almost real time from over 100 countries and in 90 languages. Every day some 2.5 million articles are indexed, categorised and made available to you within just a few minutes. And every day more than three million relevant social media postings in blogs, videos, podcasts, forums and comments are selected and categorised.

  • Customised Distribution
    With the customisable distribution tools in LexisNexis Newsdesk® you can use an app in your corporate design to set up RSS- feeds, email alerts, newsletters and the newsreader for your company and your customers. Newsdesk can also be integrated into portals and CRM systems – you retain full editorial control. So you can be sure of always sharing the most relevant information whenever it is needed.

  • Measuring online influence
    Keep up to date with the implications of online media for your risk management: the Influence Rating measures the influence of social media sources, especially blogs and forums.

  • Dashboard
    Simply Drag & Drop drop saved searches and charts to create customisable dashboards that enable you to monitor headlines and trends in almost real time. Then you will always be up to date with regard to information that is relevant to you. Dashboards can be shared with colleagues directly from the tool or on internal platforms.

  • Analysis function
    Search results can be depicted using a wide variety of charts. Thus you can analyse media reports (e.g. over time, share of voice or reporting by sources), entities (e.g. companies or products mentioned), influence (e.g. MozRank, Followers, Twitter Klout Score), place (e.g. country or region of publication), tonality or sources. It is easy to select the required charts and assign them to automated analyses via Drag & Drop Predefined templates make getting started easy and suggest the most appropriate charts for your purpose – such as market analysis, industry analysis or competition analysis. The charts are interactive and can be integrated into your internal portals, such as the Intranet. Simply click on the relevant area to display the saved article.

    Media analysis with LexisNexis Newsdesk

  • Filters
    The number of possible results may run into millions, but 37 different filter options enable users to find and display relevant information in seconds. For example, you can filter by date, tonality, popularity of the publication, type of publication, company, ticker, place, topic and so on.

  • Info panel
    An info panel appears above each heading in the results, providing at-a-glance information about the article and the source. The info panel includes a tonality ranking, the publication country, keyword match (if keywords have been defined), MozRank (a rating of the website) and Klout score (a rating of the author’s influence).

  • Alerts
    Email alerts inform you about the latest developments at times or intervals defined by you.

  • Tonality Analysis
    The tonality analysis tells you whether the content of an article is generally positive, negative or neutral. The analysis, which uses Lexalytics, is available for English, German, French and Spanish content.

  • Newsletter
    Newsletters in your corporate design can be sent direct from Newsdesk, enabling you to keep your company up to date on news relevant to your industry or company. You can also add articles of your own to the newsletter

  • Tagging
    Articles in the results list can be tagged to simplify future searches. Tags are automatically added to new matching articles.

  • Comments
    Users can add their own comments to articles via the Comment icon.

  • Multilingual interface
    You can set up the product interface in English, German, French, Spanish or Dutch, as required.

  • Smartindexing
    LexisNexisNewsdesk® uses LexisNexis® SmartIndexing™ technology,making it even easier for you to manage the endless flow of information from news media, television, radio and social media, from both licensed sources and the open web.

  • XML Report
    Data can be exported in XML for integration into third-party applications such as Eurospider.
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