Nexis® turns Research into Action

When you're looking for information, use Nexis® to quickly research across global news and business resources.

Alongside news from around the world, Nexis® gives you the option to search through biographical, company, regulatory and legal information that just isn't available anywhere else.

Nexis®, an easy tool to run research and complex analysis

  • Adopt an easy to use solution - even for beginners - with intuitive navigation, source selection, and natural language search.
  • Run complicated research easily with Nexis® intuitive search engine
  • Reduce data overload with LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology
  • Access smarter analysis and get a transparent look at media coverage and industry trends with a few clicks with Nexis Analyzer® function
  • Stay on top with critical news that matters to you, stay on top of what's going on with competitors, potential business partners and various vendors - with easy-to-schedule alerts !
  • Search our news collection from any mobile device with Nexis® News Search mobile app.

Get complete and fast results with Nexis®

At Nexis we're always updating our content collection. Our goal is to help you get a faster and more comprehensive result. With our collection of over 40,000 premium sources, you get access to news and business information, legal documents, public records, industry reports, executive and biographical reports.

We'll help get you there

We have built a whole support universe for you, and the Nexis User Site is your gateway. Get lightning-quick access to the latest guides, videos, source updates, tutorials, webinars, case studies, training opportunities. We could go on, but it's a lot faster if you just come see for yourself.

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Better Business Research with Nexis®

The latest information. Speedy research. Need we say more? Nexis Research lets you navigate intuitively to get solid and reliable results. That way, you stay in the know as to what's going on with competitors, potential business partners and various vendors.

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