Features for Academic Researchers and Data Scientists

Nexis Data Lab is more than a search engine for research. It’s a text and data mining technique that students and university faculty can use to search, refine, experiment with, and analyze our unmatched, enriched data - all on a single cloud-based platform.

A screenshot of the main dashboard showing content search bar and a list of saved curated datasets

Discover and Refine

Enter terms, sources, companies, or academic citations to search our expertly enriched data. Then narrow down, modify, and refine your search results to curate a dataset for a PhD dissertation, library project, and more.


Analyze and Visualize

Import and analyze thousands of news documents in minutes to quickly visualize and gain insight for your grant research project. Use open-source Python libraries or ones we’ve developed. You can also leverage a Jupyter Notebook environment to code, analyze, produce, and reproduce your findings.

A screenshot of an analytics workspace


After you conduct a text- or visuals-based analysis, you can export your findings, analysis, notebook code, and document manifest to your computer to share with your peers or data science software class.

Use Nexis Data Lab for Your Scholarly Research Today!

100% of beta testers commented on how easy the search experience was to use. Be one of the first to try Nexis Data Lab and experience its benefits for yourself.

Nexis® Data as a Service

Tap into our unrivaled data-verse via our flexible APIs and on premises applications options to fuel predictive analytics, machine learning and other artificial intelligence applications. Our expansive source universe features petabytes of semi-structured, normalized and enriched text-based data to meet a wide range of data needs.

 Nexis® Data as a Service

Nexis® Uni

Access relevant, trusted academic content that makes scholarly research more efficient. Nexis Uni is an academic research tool that offers the personalization, discovery, and collaboration features that students and university faculty need to maximize their scholarly and research endeavours.

Nexis® Uni

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