Avoid risk- be on the safe side

Avoid business risk

Take a close risk at your business partners

Meet compliance requirements

Comply with national and international regulations

Prevent economic crime

Prevent money laundering, corruption and bribery

Take more reliable management decisions

Lay the best foundation for your business relationships

Here is how Lexis Diligence® can help you

Lexis Diligence® is a web-based compliance tool for KYC analysis. Via its user-friendly interface you can check your business partners against sanctions lists, PEP lists, commercial databases, biographies, legal judgements and international news sources.

Know your business partner. Don’t just protect your company and ensure compliance with national and international laws and regulations: take steps too to prevent involvement in criminal economic activities such as money laundering, corruption and bribery. Because economic crime is not a trivial offence. Businesses and their representatives that do not fulfil their due diligence obligations face massive fines and the threat of a prison sentence.

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The benefits of Lexis Diligence®

  • User-friendly search screen
    Our search options mean that KYC processes no longer involve laborious aggregation of information from different sources. You receive results tailored to your needs, saving yourself time and money.
  • Automatic negative news filter
    Within the more than 26,000 international, national and regional newspapers, journals, agency announcements and blogs that are searched, negative-sounding news items – for example, articles relating to economic crime, fraud, money laundering or corruption – are filtered and highlighted separately.
  • Permanent due diligence record
    The Report Builder saves selected information for your due diligence records in a separate document that contains not only the search results but also the search terms and the time of the check. This provides maximum security for your company and its managers.
  • Up-to-date results
    Always have the latest information at your fingertips: you can define alerts that will notify you by email as soon as your search terms occur in new articles.
  • No investment in hardware or software
    Because the compliance research tool is web-based, there is no need for additional expenditure on hardware or software.
  • Intuitive to use
  • The intuitive interface enables you to conduct AML and ABC due diligence checks yourself at any time.

Raw data in your software landscape

The LexisNexis Web Services Kit lets you integrate raw data from LexisNexis into your in-house software landscape. For example, with the XML-based solution you can add data to your CRM, ERP or knowledge management system as required, giving you quick and easy access to high-quality news reports, business details and financial information whenever you need it.

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