Glossary: Data as a Service

  • Secondary Data Analysis

    Secondary data analysis facilitates a holistic approach to prospect engagement & amplify brand voice.Get highly relevant data for analysis with Nexis DaaS.

  • Content Aggregator

    Enhance your marketing efforts as part of content marketing strategy. Content aggregator curates content from online sources for reuse/resale. Know more here...

  • Data Analysis Methods

    Implement right data-analysis methods for your organisation. Gain relevant business insights and know more about benefiting your business here.

  • Data Analytics

    Improve productivity and enhance business gain with data analytics comprising tools, technologies, techniques and processes to enhance marketing efforts. Know more here...

  • Data as a service

    Readily access business-critical data through a cloud-based platform in a cost-effective manner. Know more here...

  • Data Mining

    Harness the benefits of data mining services to analyse large amount of raw data, detect meaningful relationships & trends. Learn more here

  • Data Science

    Systematic study of data to allow companies to answer business-critical questions, solve problems and make well-informed data-driven decisions

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

    Machine learning studies the algorithms and mathematical models that computer systems use to improve, step by step, their performance of a particular task. Learn more here...

  • Predictive Analytics

    Gather valuable insights with predictive analysis. Reduce risk, optimise operations, detect frauds & enhance marketing campaigns using data analysis tool.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Terms

    Find here a list definitions and explanations for important terms used by data scientists. View here.

  • Big Data Vs Smart Data

    Most organizations recognize the promise of data as a transformational decision-making tool, but far fewer are realizing the benefits of big data analytics. What’s holding them back? Know here...

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