Big Data 

Most organizations recognize the promise of data as a transformational decision-making tool, but far fewer are realizing the benefits of big data analytics. What’s holding them back?

According to a survey conducted by the Business Application Research Center, only 6 percent of surveyed companies report no roadblocks to using big data. The rest - companies  around  the  globe  and  across  different  industries - identify  various barriers. Up to 53 percent of the survey respondents say inadequate technical or analytical  know-how  within  their  organizations  is slowing  adoption. Among  38 percent of companies, the lack of compelling business case or cost are issues. And nearly one-quarter struggle to make  big data digestible for end users. Overcoming these obstacles will help organizations forge a path to improved performance and growth.

big data survey

Nexis® Data as a Service

Nexis® Data as a Service addresses the challenges of the five Vs of big data with its four main advantage.

After 45+ years  providing  solutions that  help  organizations harness  the power of information, LexisNexis remains dedicated to developing innovative tools to support data-driven decision-making. Our commitment extends beyond comprehensive content and outstanding search technology to world-class client service support, ensuring that our clients gain maximum insights and value from LexisNexis solutions.

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