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  • AN

    Conduct Adverse Media Monitoring with LexisNexis

  • DS

    Supplement your existing ESG intelligence by using enriched comprehensive coverage of ESG factors and behaviours across all entities and industries with alternative data from Nexis DaaS.

  • PR

    Track brands & analyse trends with Nexis Data as a Service. Our unrivaled global news and data collection offers a unique breadth and depth of media data to support your analysis.

  • DS

    Expand your data science capacity with normalized big data. LexisNexis offers flexible data delivery via easy to integrate API feeds, or on-premises applications, with a redundant data infrastructure that boasts 99.9% reliability and availability.

  • RM

    Whether you’re looking to comply with legislative requirements, including KYC, AML and ABC, or accelerate on-boarding, due diligence and risk monitoring processes we have the data you need.

  • AI

    This glossary aims to demystify the process by defining and explaining some of the key terms used by data scientists.

  • FR

    An essential aspect of many modern businesses is the global supply chain. But when you strike up a relationship with supplier, you expose yourself to financial risk.

  • AB

    Organisations can enhance their risk management workflows with data and technologies to suit their specific risk considerations. Read on for highlights on how Nexis Solutions data and technologies align to key areas of risk.

  • RM

    Relevant Data Supports Effective Risk Management. Whether you want to integrate data into your in-house ERM system or leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to enhance risk visibility, you need access to timely, relevant data. Nexis® Data as a Service can help.

  • AI

    LexisNexis® began tackling this challenge a decade ago by developing a smart data process that turns the content in our world-leading database into “premium fuel” powering both our cloud-based research platforms and our Data as a Service offerings.

  • SD

    Smart Data Enrichments from Nexis® Solutions

  • AI

    Are you exploring the potential of big data and AI? A recent executive survey by data advisory firm NewVantage Partners revealed two important facts about big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • AI

    Establishing an AI Centre of Excellence (CoE) to implement and guide AI in the enterprise is an essential first step to reaping the promised rewards.

Case Studies

  • CS

    Adarga creates powerful AI analytics technology that helps you analyze all of your disparate data, to discover the deep insights that drive faster, better decisions. Adarga’s mission is to enhance your ability to use information to make better decisions today and their vision is to empower us all to realize the full potential of all available knowledge.

  • CS

    My Market Insight specializes in providing media and online retail insights for the beauty industry. They monitor beauty brands and category performance, as well as offering benchmarking and competitor insights through their beauty data analytics platform. Clients include Bare Minerals, Elizabeth Arden, L’Oréal and Coty.

  • DS

    How Hebrew University of Jerusalem trains advanced machine learning algorithm with Nexis® Data as a Service Bulk API.

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