Why crisis communication?

The impact of a crisis on an organization can be enormous. A crisis can involve anything and can arise from a range of situations. That makes it difficult to prevent a crisis. What you do have control over is how you deal with the communication surrounding a crisis. Media monitoring can be an effective tool here. Journalists, customers and competitors spend a large part of their day monitoring the media. During a crisis it is important that you know what they see and what they share with their network about your organization, product or brand during a crisis.

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What is crisis communication?

Crisis communication is the collection, processing and dissemination of information that is important to address a crisis situation. Crisis communication is often mentioned in the same breath as reputation management. Because if an issue becomes a crisis and is not handled properly, the result can be (permanent) damage to reputation. Of course you want to be ahead of this and you can do this by making sure you have a plan for the communication around a crisis and afterwards. With an efficient and crisis strategy and associated communication you maintain the trust of stakeholders and guard the reputation of your organization.

Why choose LexisNexis?

With our large database of information, you can be sure that you have all the information you need to make a complete check of all media communications during a crisis.

With the media monitoring tool from LexisNexis you can:

Track messages
With the professional media monitoring of LexisNexis you are always optimally informed about the reporting in all media. Messages follow each other in quick succession. By setting up news alerts, you automatically receive messages on topics, organizations and persons that are of interest to you.

Are you aware of the latest news
The latest news can be found directly in our database. LexisNexis developed advanced tools that allow you to search all media quickly and easily. You can also perform professional media analyses  .

Monitor your image
With a single search access to 36,000 sources worldwide: traditional and online press, social media, as well as radio, TV and the web.

Become a specialist in risk and reputation management
LexisNexis has been at the forefront of intelligence, risk and reputation management for more than 40 years. You too can benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise.

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