Why reputation management?

Reputation management can make the difference between profit and loss for your organization. Between a recommendation and a deterrence. What is your organization known  for and what is the prevailing sentiment? Optimal reputation management is aimed at managing and maintaining your brand. It feeds all aspects of your reputation, allowing you to positively influence the existing image of your organization over your competitors.
Good reputation management means being aware of the current wishes and sentiments of your target group. If you are not sufficiently informed about current market developments, this can be detrimental to your communication policy and your market position.

Measuring your reputation starts with monitoring: who says what about my organization? With LexisNexis professional media monitoring solutions you are always aware of the latest news in all media. This way you always know what is going on in your target group.

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How can you manage your reputation?

Reputation management is much more than establishing your organization as a supplier of a good product or a high-quality service. To manage your reputation successfully, you can proactively influence the image of your organization. You will also have to monitor the risk of failure. Our reputation management tool gives you the opportunity to monitor and protect your reputation.

  • Monitor  stakeholders and third parties such as customers and suppliers.
  • Find & follow influencers by monitoring who writes about your organization.
  • Track news and messaging about your company so that you are the first to know.
  • Measure  the reach and thus the impact of a message.
  • Analyze messages to get a complete picture of your reputation.
  • Anticipate reporting, trends, developments and threats.

Why choose LexisNexis?

With our large database of information you can be sure that you have all the information at your disposal that you need to do a complete check.

With our media monitoring tool  you can:

Track what is being said about your organisation
With our professional media monitoring tool you are always optimally informed about reporting in all media. By setting up news alerts, you automatically receive messages about topics, organizations and people that are important to you.

Are you aware of current events
You will find the latest news directly in our database. LexisNexis has developed advanced tools that allow you to search all media quickly and easily. You can also perform professional media analyses.

Protect your brand
Gain access  to 36,000 sources worldwide with one search: the traditional and online press, social media, radio, TV and the web.

Become a specialist in risk and reputation management
LexisNexis has been at the forefront of intelligence, risk and reputation management for more than 30 years. You too can benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise.

Interested in learning more? We are happy to advise you on which solution best suits your needs? Fill in the form to make an appointment. You can also request a free media consultation, in which we will work with you to analyze the sentiment surrounding your organization.

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