Creative Ways to Share Newsdesk Data and Insights

08 May 2020 22:26

Nexis Newsdesk example dashboard

One of the most popular aspects of Nexis Newsdesk™ is how easy it makes it to prepare media intelligence reports and share them with your company’s leaders via email, newsletters, RSS feeds and more. Users also love that distribution can go beyond a one size fits all approach. There are countless simple, creative ways to tailor and name reports for specific audiences and objectives. Here are a few ideas to inspire your own creative approaches.

Your Two-Minute Morning Briefing: Busy executives appreciate helpful info that cuts to the point quickly. Consider using Nexis Newsdesk™ to publish a daily roundup of news and social media buzz that’s relevant to your company, competitors and industry. By including a brief comment capturing the key takeaway from each item, you’ll make the report even easier for your leaders to digest.

The Blue Marble Report: For companies with business concerns in multiple countries, a regular, curated collection of relevant international news and insights can be invaluable. The Geo Map feature on Newsdesk allows you to visually indicate where news is emanating from, helping readers to immediately see in which countries or regions media activity is particularly high. Newsdesk even allows you to offer recipients the choice to read content in over 90 languages.

The “We’re Amazing!” Chronicles: Everyone enjoys a positive news story. Consider using Newsdesk to help disseminate a regular collection of feel good stories about your company and its employees.

The Week in Pictures: Visually presented data can be easier to absorb and sometimes has a greater impact. Pair that with how many people prefer info to be delivered via visuals anyway and you have a great argument for regular media intelligence reports that cut down on copy in favor of charts, graphs and even word clouds. (Newsdesk makes it easy to create all of these.) These visual reports are not only pleasing to look at¾but a snap to take in.

Monthly Voice Lessons: Newsdesk can help you track and analyze your company’s¾and its competitors’¾share of voice across the media universe. Imagine a regular report that shares this information and offers key lessons to be gleaned from the data. It’s the kind of insightful content that can shape corporate strategy—and lead to more people singing your company’s praises.

Thoughts from Thought Leaders: “Influencers” wield a lot of power these days. The names and personalities vary from industry to industry, but what these people say, do and post can make or break a company’s plans and campaigns. You can lean on Newsdesk to keep up with commentary and prognostications of these forward thinkers—and to identify potential partners or collaborators.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of creative ways that you can share Newsdesk-enabled, business-building data and insights. To learn more, contact us today.

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