Data for Media & PR Organizations

05 April 2021 11:30

Data for Media & PR Organizations

A wide range of media organizations can gain significant advantages by using AI technologies to harness big data. Beyond using the wealth of internal data at their disposal, many media monitoring consultancies, PR and marketing intelligence companies and media producers also need access to high-quality, comprehensive and relevant third-party data sources to unlock actionable insights from the data.

What types of sources can add valuable context that translates to better resilience and supports growth over time?

  • News and social comment
  • Company and executive data
  • Legal data
  • Sanctions lists, watchlists and other data related to regulatory risk

"It’s been said that the dinosaurs would be here today if they could only have predicted the weather. For PR pros, the winds of change are blowing. Those who adapt will succeed while those who ignore the emerging importance of technology, science and data in public relations will sadly disappear.”

- Mark Weiner and Dr. Sarah Kochhar for The Public Relations Strategist

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How Nexis® Data as a Service Helps

  • Keep clients informed
  • Media monitoring across global news, social media, blogs and forums is essential for keeping clients in the know.

    Integrate industry or geography-specific news and social commentary into your workflows to enable fast analysis and deliver relevant, actionable insights to customer dashboards or newsletters.

  • Analyze and manage reputation
  • Monitoring coverage and commentary on companies, customers, products, trends, events and pertinent topics gives a well-rounded picture of an organization’s reputation.

    Take advantage of our world-leading database of current news and social commentary for sentiment analysis or historical news going back 40+ years to identify patterns between events and reputation.

  • Understand the wider landscape
  • Landscape analysis can help to track competitive activity, marketplace developments and media trends.

    With options for news, company, and market data available, data analysis can reveal how general economic indicators, societal trends, sentiment or changing regulations may impact customers or their competitors.

  • Judge the legal horizon
  • Many media organizations seek to analyze the litigation history of political candidates, while PR firms track legal issues affecting their clients and their clients’ competitors.

    Conduct historical analysis across international primary law data from five countries, including U.S. case law, statutes and dockets.

  • Support proactive reputational risk management
  • Positive PR depends on staying out in front of threats that could harm an organization’s reputation - from compliance failures to viral news stories. In the 24- hour news cycle, 30% of company crises turn global in less than an hour, so companies need to capture trends and use data analytics to guide their response.

    Take advantage of our extensive data universe by ingesting critical regulatory lists covering Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), sanctions and watchlists or use our customizable Adverse Media templates to deliver relevant negative news for in-the-moment awareness.

  • Detect executives’ priorities
  • Look beyond news headlines, cherry-picked quotes and corporate Tweets for a true sense of a CEO’s beliefs and future strategy.

    Make use of Critical Mention broadcast data. It offers full-context interviews with corporate thought leaders and major public figures, letting media organizations dive deeper to better understand an organization’s intentions.

  • Optimize PR and marketing content to extend its value
  • Natural language processing combined with sentiment analysis can provide much-needed guidance on the content that resonates with your audiences.

    With a historical news data archive, 50,000+ current print, broadcast and web news sources, as well as social commentary from influencers, organizations can train algorithms to pinpoint what’s working, offering long-term insights for driving audience engagement.

  • Identify key topics
  • An organization’s reputation and success can be affected by emerging topics. If an organization can identify themes that are likely to become more salient, it can plan ahead, manage risks, and identify opportunities before its competitors are aware.

    Online news, blogs and social commentary reveal trending and hot-button topics locally and globally. Our data can be filtered by industry or topic to find the most relevant articles.

    "The enormous source universe, rich metadata and advanced Boolean search capabilities available through Nexis Metabase make Nexis Solutions the highest quality Data as a Service provider for our needs."

    - Chief Technology Officer at a Business Intelligence & Analytics Advisory

    Enhanced Data + Flexible APIs = Fast, Convenient Access

    Nexis Data as a Service puts the data media monitoring organizations need within easy reach:

    • Search & Retrieve APIs: Create custom queries that take advantage of meta tags to retrieve data as often as every 20 seconds or every two weeks, depending on the dataset and your needs.
    • Bulk APIs: Access high-volume datasets for historical analysis, training NLP algorithms and more.

    Achieve a faster time to value by reducing the time and expenses associated with wrangling data. Nexis Data as a Service delivers semi-structured data featuring multi-tiered enrichment options to suit most data needs and budgets.

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