Is Your Media Intelligence Stuck in the 20th Century?

10 September 2020 16:50

Like the horse and buggy, is your media monitoring stuck in the 20thcentury

From its earliest days, the communications profession has struggled with measuring the business value of what we do. As PR has become more widely recognized as a unique discipline, communications professionals have sought to link PR initiatives to specific business objectives. In fact, efforts to evaluate the impact of PR stretch all the way back to the early 1900s - practically the Dark Ages when compared to today’s public relations landscape.

But just as the automobile replaced the horse and buggy, new tools and technologies have helped the communications industry evolve. Machine - and artificial intelligence-driven searches dashboards and visualization tools, like the ones offered by Nexis Newsdesk™, make it simple, efficient, cost-effective and timely to monitor, collect, visualize and report earned media. And in-depth evaluations of leading coverage drivers, key messaging, nuanced coverage sentiment and other business insights provide valuable context that tie business outcomes to your PR efforts.

If you’re worried your media monitoring and evaluation program is stuck in the last century, never fear. Nexis Newsdesk™ has a webinar designed to equip communications professionals with the resources necessary to catapult their media monitoring and evaluation efforts into the 21st century. You can learn more about the new media measurement tools, techniques, and technologies that make it a breeze to demonstrate the value of PR to your organization’s bottom line. You’ll also learn how to extrapolate raw data into meaningful, actionable insights that matter.

No time for a webinar? No problem. Our new ebook, From Media Metrics to Media Insights: How to Prove Value in PR with Advanced Measurement and Evaluation, offers practical, take-it-and-run-with-it advice on how PR and communication professionals can move from merely monitoring their media coverage, to surfacing high-value business intelligence that delivers meaningful insights.

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