Meet Nexis® Newsletter: Insightful, comprehensive content delivered faster

08 February 2021 13:00

Meet Nexis® Newsletter

For more than 45 years, we’ve partnered with both publishers and information professionals to curate the world’s most valuable collection of news and business information. And now gathering and sharing that information just got faster and easier than ever before, whether you’re compiling competitive research, industry news or executive biographies

Meet our new Nexis® Newsletter functionality.

It’s Simple.

Quickly add content to an existing newsletter template with just a click, or by dragging and dropping,.

It’s Smart.

Organize the content you want to share and add annotations to ensure key insights or context are clear - so decisions can be made faster.

It’s Strategic.

Spend less time on formatting newsletters and more time on turning information into value-driving insights that help to grow and protect your organization.

You play a critical role in the success of your organization. That’s why Nexis Newsletter takes the fuss out of information presentation. To make the most of your newsletters, your recipients will need a Nexis ID to click and read the full articles.

Two options:

  • Nexis User IDs provide you full search and sharing of articles through newsletters, alerts and folders.
  • Nexis Reader IDs cannot run searches but can receive and read full-text articles sent by a Nexis User.

Test out the newsletter functionality today by logging in to Nexis!

Or watch this quick video:

Nexis Newsletter NX PD DCS from NEXIS Solutions on Vimeo.

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