Nexis for Competitive Intelligence Removes the Forest So You Can See the Trees

03 June 2021 12:30

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Have you heard the news? There’s a new way for business professionals to capture market insights from LexisNexis’s comprehensive set of company, news, legal and patent databases—to see both the forest and the trees, if you will.

We’re talking about Nexis for Competitive Intelligence,a next-level competitive analysis solution that allows users to quickly and easily compare key business indicators—such as financials, news, M&A activity and more—for up to six companies, all in a single workspace and with a few clicks. It doesn’t replace your carefully crafted workflow, but it does complement it, allowing you to collect findings, add context, and organize your findings to influence strategic business decisions.

Quality and Quantity

Competitor research projects require a diverse set of quality marketplace data and content to ensure that no insight is left behind. Performance, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats: it can take hours to gather and parse all the data you need to make a report to your stakeholders and leadership team. And once you have, can you be certain you haven’t missed anything important?You need to harness comprehensive and trusted content to quickly spot market, technology and M&A trends, and then dive deeper for more context and understanding.

No other solution comes close to the depth and breadth of data you’ll find through Nexis for Competitive Intelligence. Our comprehensive content universe,coupled with our proprietary data enrichment,are unmatched in the industry.

We offer three times the amount of licensed sources compared to our nearest competitor. With access to the full Nexis Dossier suite,Nexis for Competitive Intelligence boasts information from more than 320 million public and private companies and more than 70 million executives. One search will save you hours of time looking through multiple data sources for your report.

And let’s not forget our proprietary SmartIndexing Technology™,which analyses and tags LexisNexis content using natural language processing, algorithmic semantic analysis, and machine learning to classify data based on thousands of subjects, industries, companies, organizations, people, and places.SmartIndexing makes search more precise, ensuring you can cut through the clutter, faster.

One and Done

You have multiple direct and indirect competitors to keep tabs on. Yet manually comparing reports one company or dataset at a time is time-consuming—and can lead to missed insights and knowledge. You need to be able to quickly compare, spot differences and identify key business indicators at-a-glance.

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence is the only solution on the market that allows you to quickly uncover insights on up to six companies across a wide set of business indicators, all within a single workspace. With just a few clicks, you can run a comprehensive, interactive comparison of industry, financial reporting, intellectual property news, company composition and much more. In other words: Nexis for Competitive Intelligence gets you from investigation to insights in a fraction of the time.

Search, Compare, Pin, Share

Other competitive intelligence products only offer part of the intelligence-gathering process, which leads to clunky, time consuming reporting. You don’t need a solution to do your job; you need a solution that supports, simplifies and complements your existing workflow.

From trend spotting to deep investigation to sharing key findings with your stakeholders, Nexis for Competitive Intelligence will complement every step of your existing competitive analysis process. Conduct searches, gather evidence and organize your thoughts—all within a new data analytics workspace designed to optimize your workflow.

We’re not talking about just a place to aggregate content or organize your findings. We’re talking about an end-to-end solution, one that allows you to:

  • Organize your findings, compare, and add your own insights within one simple workspace.
  • Snip important data information, quotes, and call outs to craft your message.
  • Share the most important information with your companies' stakeholders.

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence won’t replace your workflow; it will empower it. To learn more, talk to your rep about adding Nexis for Competitive Intelligence.

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