Nexis Uni® & Nexis® Data Lab Make Ideal Launch Pads for Academic Research in the New Year

28 February 2022 00:00

Nexis® Data Lab

After the ball drops, the fireworks fizzle, and the crowds clear, it’s time to shift gears. Ringing in the new year also means readying for the latest trends.

Recently, we highlighted some of those trends here on our blog and in this free trend report for higher education.

Now a question remains: How can Nexis Solutions help universities turn these trends into opportunities for students, faculty, librarians, and the institutions themselves?


Connect users to the data needed for academic research

Big data is central to 2022’s trends in higher education. Not all data is created equal, however.  In fact, Veda Bawo, director of data governance at Raymond James, tells MIT Sloan that “You can have all of the fancy tools, but if [your] data quality is not good, you’re nowhere.”

As data volume grows, precision search becomes more important. Our intelligent data enrichment process, LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology™, uses a combination of human expertise, natural language processing and machine learning to normalize, categorize, index, and tag every piece of content added to our data universe. How does this translate to value for users of Nexis Uni or Nexis Data Lab?

research products

Within Nexis Uni, the underlying index terms, tags, and metadata make it easy for novice researchers to start searching across all content types or specific content categories.

  • Result set too broad? Students can use filters to refine results—both before and after the initial search.
  • Want to filter out even more noise? Use Advanced Search forms or craft more complex Boolean searches that take advantage of our enrichments and AI-enabled search technologies to improve results relevance.

Nexis Data Lab connects students to the same great content available in Nexis Uni, streamlining data mining and analysis. The metadata can, for example, be used to search within results to find relevant data subsets for analysis.

  • Rather than spending time curating and wrangling data, students can dive right into data mining and analysis within a secure, end-to-end, cloud-based Jupyter notebook.
  • Equipped with open-sourced and pre-packaged Python libraries, Nexis Data Lab also allows user to embed custom code too, making it an ideal tool for both novice and experienced users.

Whether you’re looking for ways to support remote learning and democratize data access or expanding academic offerings to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional students, we’re here to help. Explore the potential of Nexis Uni and Nexis Data Lab.

Don’t take on tomorrow’s trends with yesterday’s tools! Connect with us about a free trial.

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