Practical Tips for Harnessing the Power of Nexis Newsdesk

25 June 2021 13:00

social media reporting, social insights, visual analysis, social KPI report, Automatic report creation, multi-format reporting, channel analyticsHaving access to media intelligence is one thing; taking full advantage of its power is another. In this post, we’ll share some practical ways you can harness the power of Nexis Newsdesk™ to: mine trends to support your external communications efforts; support your social media strategy; and share insights broadly outside of your public relations and communications teams.

Mine Trends to Support External Communications Efforts

When it comes to mining trends to plan external communications content opportunities, Newsdesk is invaluable. Consider these possibilities:

  • Integrate MI data visualization into your own self-generated and company-published reports, knowing the content and data represented therein are reliable.
  • When communicating directly with investors, use your search results to support talking points related to your organization’s opportunities for growth or business expansion.
  • Build your CEO’s industry credibility by weaving industry trends into her or his comments at industry events or on shareholder calls.
  • Dedicate a portion of your website or e-newsletter to an industry news round-up that offers insightful commentary from one of your top SMEs.
  • Supplement annual and investor reports with special editorial content or industry facts and figures gleaned from Newsdesk.
  • Make your newsroom more dynamic by embedding Newsdesk charts and graphs in your online company newsroom.

Support Your Social Media Strategy

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Social media platforms never seem to lose their appetite for more content. You can use Newsdesk to help keep your social stream flowing with fresh, engaging content. For example:

  • Use Newsdesk to uncover trends that are important to your industry, then use what you learn to build a strategy that informs your followers about key insights.
  • Use the content you create through your MI efforts to validate your brand or organization’s strengths to convince prospective customers and make the sale.
  • Highlight the successes you’re already achieving with existing customers and identifying through Newsdesk.
  • Build the credibility of your subject matter experts by encouraging them to share and comment on the industry trends your MI uncovers.

Share Insights Beyond Your PR and Communications Teams

Newsdesk can deliver transformational insights and valuable data that can aid in decision-making across your entire company. So share with cross-functional teams to get the most out of Newsdesk. For instance:

  • C-Suite and Other Management Stakeholders: Sometimes the C-Suite just wants to know the bottom line; other times, they will want to dig into the details. Use the insights you uncover from your media intelligence to demonstrate trends, measure campaign successes, report KPIs and prove the results of your organization’s hard work.
  • Customer Relations: MI allows you to get to know your customers on a deeper level. Use Newsdesk to craft talking points to address customer complaints and celebrate compliments.
  • Sales and Product Development: Hard facts are better than hunches any day of the week. Your sales and/or product development teams will appreciate knowing how promotions and products can be improved—or stay steady—when you show them how your brand stacks up within the industry.

As you can see, there’s so much that Newsdesk has to offer your entire company. You won’t find an MI tool quite like it. After all, Newsdesk monitors nearly 100,000 news sources and about 2.5 million social media feeds. And that includes some proprietary and licensed content you won’t have access to with other solutions. In addition, Newsdesk has a global reach, is easy to use, and you can tailor and share your dashboards, newsletters, searches and alerts to your liking. Our customer success team is simply unmatched, too.

To learn more about all that Newsdesk can for you and your company, visit us here

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