Red Carpet Moment for Data Discovery: Announcing the Debut of Nexis Data Lab for Academic

16 March 2021 11:30

Nexis Data Lab for Academic

Back in 2012, Harvard Business Review published an article declaring "Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century." In nearly a decade since then, the growth in both the volume of data and the technologies to make sense from data has grown exponentially. As a result, reported U.S. News last fall, universities across the country are expanding their Data Science program offerings. And Nexis® Solutions is here to support this growth with the introduction of Nexis® Data Lab for Academic.

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From theory to practice: Using Nexis Data Lab couldn’t be easier

Data science is an enticing field of study. After all, the article notes, data science and advanced analytics job growth has continued to boom, growing by 28% between 2015 and 2020. The potential is not lost on today’s students.

  • Average salaries are “more than $8,700 higher than the figure for other bachelor's- and graduate-level jobs
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 16% growth rate in the field of computer and information research scientists in the coming years.

Ana Echeverri, AI skills growth and strategy lead at IBM, told U.S. News, “There are literally hundreds of thousands of open jobs in this space that go unfilled.” She attributes this high demand with accelerated growth of data science, analytics and related degrees at Universities across the country. The University of Virginia founded its data science school just two years ago, for students pursuing master’s degrees only. This year, the University plans to add a minor in data science for under grads, with a bachelor’s degree available in the near future.

But ramping up quickly to give students the tools that enable real-world experiences isn’t always easy. That’s where a solution like Nexis Data Lab can help. Universities already know Nexis Solutions for its award-winning Nexis Uni® research platform. Now, academic institutions can take advantage of our world-leading source universe in an exciting new way with Nexis Data Lab.

This end-to-end analytics solution is designed to let students and educators undertake:

  • Text mining
  • Data visualization
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Trending analysis

The advantages really add up. Quickly search, filter and analyze thousands of documents within the best-in-class Jupyter Notebook environment. By enabling users to leverage our extensive collection of current and archival data, universities avoid the need to invest to warehouse data.

Nexis Solutions handles it all—from a data fabrication process that yields enhanced data to hosting and maintenance. Plus, since the data stays within the notebook workspace, universities get the speed they need while staying within copyright requirements.

Interested in a next-generation text and data mining solution?  See how Nexis Data Lab empowers students to explore and experiment with big data.

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