What Dots Can You Connect with LexisNexis?

11 January 2022 10:30

Supply Chain Connect Dots

How can you feel confident in your operations without full visibility into your supply chain? More than 90% of supply chain executives say this is important, but less than a third of them have achieved true visibility.

With the right technology, you can connect the dots to get a full picture of your supply chain. Creating this environment of efficiency and resiliency helps you prevent minor and major issues in the future.

Products like Nexis Due Diligence and Nexis Entity Insight provide you with the dots you need to connect the whole chain, including:

People and Companies

Nexis Due Diligence gives you hundreds of sources for your due diligence research. An advanced search form lets you enter exactly what you’re looking for and even provides default preferences to help ensure you find the most relevant sources and have all your bases covered.

Then, with Nexis Entity Insights, you can upload your existing and new suppliers, customers, vendors, and other partners to support the holistic view of your supply chain.

News and Current Events

No one wants a surprise breaking news bulletin that could threaten your entire supply chain. Nexis Diligence lets you quickly search news sources for both standard and negative news alerts. To ensure you’re getting the news relevant to you, you can choose and add what terms to include as “negative news” and have them added by default in your searches.

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Sanctions and Watchlists

Whether your researching new vendors, or managing your current supply chain, you need to know if anyone has been sanctioned or added to a watchlist. Nexis Diligence will also identify whether a person or company is listed as a potentially exposed person (PEP).

Financial Health

Nexis Diligence provides access to Experian® business data and risk scores, plus financial stability scores from CreditSafe. This level of transparency helps you understand the financial health of every member of your supply chain.

Corruption Risk

With access to Dun & Bradstreet® Ultimate Beneficial Ownership data through Nexis Diligence you’ll learn about any hidden beneficiaries of a company or commercial entity. The data is based on analysis of 97 million shareholders, over 150 million connections, and more than 355 million business records around the world to help you assess who really benefits from your supply chain.

And Nexis Entity Insight has the tools and resources you need to help foresee potential third-party risks. A simple dashboard, custom risk scoring, and monitoring reports and alerts allow you to stay of the most pressing concerns of your organization.

The Full Picture

When you use these tools from LexisNexis, your research summary provides a full audit trail of how you conducted your research for your due diligence records.

This level of insight and transparency is helping our customers connect the dots for a full picture of:

  • Potential business disruptions within networks and dependencies
  • Hidden beneficiaries and UBO to address financial crime and anti-corruption regulations
  • Critical business changes to maintain regulatory compliance
  • Due diligence with the help of intelligent automation

The wealth of data provided with Nexis Diligence and Nexis Entity Insight are designed to give you all the information you need to maintain resiliency and transparency in your supply chain.

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