Recognizing the big  data opportunity

Knowing what people think about your brand, products and service is the holy grail of successful business.  By understanding your strengths, you can amplify them; by identifying your weaknesses, address them. If you know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, you can counter and exploit them.

The advent of big data and its interaction with artificial intelligence has fundamentally disrupted the commercial landscape. For the first time, it is possible to accurately quantify and analyze responses to marketing, PR and sales campaigns  in real time.  By putting numbers behind the psychology, businesses can gain in-depth understanding of what customers want and how to give it to them.

The successful application of big data relies on getting access to the right data from the right sources and analyzing it quickly and effectively to inform the future path of brands, products and services.

Track brands & analyse trends with Nexis Data as a Service

Whether you’re looking to monitor brand mentions, measure campaign ROI or identify emerging market trends—our unrivaled global news and data collection offers a unique breadth and depth of media data to support your analysis.

What types of data can LexisNexis offer?

  1. Licensed print, broadcast and web news: Access leading daily newspapers from around the world, plus transcripts of radio and television broadcast reporting. Access 80,000+ news sources from 100+ countries in 75 languages
  2. Online news, blogs, and social commentary: LexisNexis is one of the only data aggregators to offer both licensed and open source data and news, with millions of articles and posts added per day
  3. Newswires and Press Releases: Our content database is constantly being updated to offer the latest events and stories of the day

What value does LexisNexis add to its data?

Our industry leading data fabrication, classification, and enrichment process:

  1. Creates clean, semi-structured XML data for integration into a database or application
  2. Applies algorithmic semantic analysis to enable data discovery—even when content is in different languages
  3. Adds metadata tags, topical classification, entity extraction, and other enrichments for more targeted data calls.

Why choose LexisNexis Data as a Service?

LexisNexis has decades of experience as a trusted content aggregator, enabling us to develop a world-leading source universe. Nexis DaaS enables you to:

  1. Leverage current and historical news articles for predictive analytics applications
  2. Find out where PR, Marketing or Sales initiatives are performing best with geo-location metadata
  3. Get a clear picture of messaging effectiveness by conducting sentiment analysis across global news data

Data-driven PR

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Managing The Conversation

Public Relations is no longer a broadcast activity, it is a conversation. Managing that conversation to benefit and protect the organization is more challenging than ever. Company values, ethics and corporate social responsibility performance are all under the spotlight of public and media attention.

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Achieving Accountability

Proving the return on investment of PR Campaigns has historically been difficult. For a long time, Advertising Value Equivalents (AVE) were reluctantly used, but these are blunt instruments that offer little information on audience engagement and subsequent actions.The ability to validate PR activity represents a new era for accountability and efficiency in the industry and is driving a revolution in how businesses shape and control their PR conversations.

How does LexisNexis deliver the data?

LexisNexis offers flexible data delivery via easy to integrate API feeds, or on-premises applications, with a redundant data infrastructure that boasts 99.9% reliability and availability.

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Bulk APIs

Access high-volume feeds of news, company, or patents data for historical analysis and
predictive analytics.

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Search & Retrieve APIs

Retrieve data on demand with enhanced functions - search, retrieve and saved searches - that work within your own user interface.

Nexis Solutions offers an established ecosystem of trusted third-party technology providers to help our customers integrate data quickly to power intelligent automation and other digital
transformation initiatives.

LexisNexis DaaS has enabled us to grow our business through their global content coverage
which is so comprehensive, scalable and reliable.

Nexis® Data as a Service

LexisNexis® DaaS is a service that enables organisations to connect to our world-class database through an API to get the premium data they need – in a format that suits them – to fit with their own application.

Nexis® Data as a Service

Powering AI Initiatives in Academia

Connect your university to a vast text-based source universe that is ideal for training, testing, and validating projects for data science, particularly natural language processing (NLP), machine learning,  and advanced analytics.

Powering AI Initiatives in Academia

Risk Management with Nexis® Data as a Service

Whether you want to integrate data into your in-house ERM system or leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to enhance risk visibility, you need access to timely, relevant data. Nexis® Data as a Service can help.

Risk Management with Nexis® Data as a Service

Customizable Adverse News Feeds

Our customizable adverse news feed allows entities to break through the noise. The adverse news feed puts the power back into the hands of professionals, enabling them to add, discard and change their monitoring criteria dynamically to meet evolving needs and concerns.

Customizable Adverse News Feeds

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