Meet Nexis Data Lab

Nexis Data Lab is a cloud-based, self-service platform where students and faculty are empowered to independently execute research projects. Nexis Data Lab combines the ability to search an unmatched volume of news data with the features needed to perform hypothesis testing, text mining and data modeling, trend analysis, and predictive analytics. Users analyze datasets curated from a universe of LexisNexis content and share findings faster—without the technical limitations of on-premises hosting or restrictive barriers between different research and analytics tools.

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A screenshot of the main dashboard showing content search bar and a list of saved curated datasets

Discover and Search Credible News Sources

Nexis Data Lab uses the Nexis Uni user interface as a starting point. Users can enter a search across the entire repository of news content or within their own saved, curated datasets.


Examine and Refine Results

Users can examine the results from the original search string and then quickly refine results using post search filters. Users can then import these refined search results into the Jupyter Notebook environment.

A screenshot of an analytics workspace

Analyze and Visualize Your Findings

Import and analyze thousands of news documents in minutes using open-source or LexisNexis developed Python libraries - or write your own.

A screenshot of a curated dataset being analyzed in a notebook environment

Export Your Analyses

After you conduct a text or visuals-based analysis, you can export your findings analysis, notebook code and document manifest to your computer.

Nexis® Data as a Service

Tap into our unrivaled data-verse via our flexible APIs and on premises applications options to fuel predictive analytics, machine learning and other artificial intelligence applications. Our expansive source universe features petabytes of semi-structured, normalized and enriched text-based data to meet a wide range of data needs.

 Nexis® Data as a Service

Nexis® Uni

Access relevant, trusted academic content that makes scholarly research more efficient. Nexis Uni is an academic research tool that offers the personalization, discovery, and collaboration features that students and university faculty need to maximize their scholarly and research endeavours.

Nexis® Uni

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