Powerful Social Listening - Never miss a conversation 

Social media monitoring is essential to helping you better understand your brand reputation, identify trends, respond quickly to customer feedback, identify key social influencers and manage potential crises.  Hear what’s being said about your brand, products, and campaigns across the globe with a comprehensive social media monitoring platform that includes social listening and social analytics.

Monitor conversations across 10+ social networks, 150M web sites and public forums, and 187 languages—ensuring your never miss a conversation that is critical to your brand. Using a social media listening tool enables you to:

  • Identify growing industry trends and align brand messaging to stay relevant.
  • Protect your social media reputation by responding faster to negative discussions about your brand across social media channels and online forums.
  • Identify social influencers to amplify your message while boosting your credibility by finding the right influencer for each campaign.
  • Improve social customer service by using smart filters and tagging to sort through customer responses and benchmark social customer support efforts using sentiment-based social KPI’s.
  • Proactively monitor for crisis management situations and be alerted in real time to potentially critical situations
  • Prevent a crisis from becoming viral by leveraging the virality map
  • Identify misuse of your company logo with market-leading image recognition technology
  • Develop products consumers want by identify and following the latest social trends.
  • Reduce risk by having a clearer idea of customer needs and reactions before a product of campaign launchsocial-analytics
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