The tool for improved patent grants

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Structured overview

You get a structured overview of the status of all US patent applications in your company.

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Secure competitive advantages

You increase the speed of your US patent procedures and thus gain an advantage over your competition in the USA.

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Accurate and early budgets

You use the tool to create accurate and timely budgets and cost plans for US patent applications.

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Workload and Efficiency

The amount of work required to obtain a patent is greatly reduced and the efficiency of your external legal advice can be better measured.

How PatentAdvisor® supports you

With PatentAdvisor® you have a number of analysis tools at your disposal that give you a clear competitive advantage in patent grant processes in the USA through automatic data compilation .

The functions of PatentAdvisor® support you in the systematic improvement of your patent procedures. This simplifies budgeting, data maintenance and the evaluation of external legal advisors.

Better patent results with these exclusive features:

  • Examiner ETA™
  • ETA Distribution™
  • Lottery Map™
  • QuickPAIR™
  • PatDocSearch™
  • Prosecution Guidebook

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See what PatentAdvisor can do for you

A look inside the tool


PatentAdvisor® Data Platform tools


1. Portfolio Management Advisor

You will receive clear status reports on all company patents and patent processes in real time. This allows you to quickly identify issues that are slow to move forward and focus your scarce resources on the processes that need your most attention.

2. Prosecution Advisor

The Prosecution Advisor provides you with valuable information to speed up the patent prosecution process in the USA. You will be assisted in assessing the effectiveness of your outside legal counsel and developing more successful strategies to avoid litigation by analyzing all the patents in your portfolio.

  • You can see how many RCEs (requests for continued examination) and how much work the patent examiner needs before approval is granted.
  • You can easily see the time frame of your patent case compared to similar cases handled by the same patent examiner.
  • You can see the likelihood of getting through the patent grant process and through the appeals board after appeals.

3. Budget Advisor

The Budget Advisor precisely calculates the costs for your patents based on analytical forecasts, calculates realistic budgets and improves control over all patent applications in the USPTO. Not only the previous patent procedures of the own company are included, but all patent procedures carried out in the USA by the Office for Patents and Trademarks. This makes it easy to calculate how much a company needs to invest to obtain an individual patent or a portfolio of patents.

Bring Predictability and Productivity to Your Patent Prosecution Process with LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

Patent prosecutors need reliable, actionable information to improve prosecution strategies, reduce client risks and deliver strong outcomes. Insights from PatentAdvisor™, grounded in reliable data and advanced analytics can help you.  Get access to LexisNexis Patent Advisor brochures for Law and Corporate firms.

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