What is batch screening?

Batch screening is an automated customer and third-party screening process that provides daily screening results and reports to help you identify and escalate individuals or organisations that pose a potential risk to your business. Batch screening draws on global watchlists, sanctions lists, politically exposed person (PEP) databases and negative news searches to deliver near-real-time results. This compilation of reliable information enables you to make better risk-management decisions and confidently move your business forward.

Eliminating the time-consuming task of manually inputting individual or entity names, batch screening uploads names in batches, doing the laborious work for you so you can focus on growing your business. (Manual screening may be so slow, in fact, that you get the information you need too late, putting your business at increased risk.)

Batch screening on a daily basis helps your business stay alert to changes in the status or risk profile of your customers and associates. This can help protect your business from allegations of criminal activity, such as corruption, money laundering and bribery, by association.

Tools, such as LexisNexis BatchNameCheck®, provide invaluable insight into your company’s risk exposure. Ultimately, batch screening helps you know your customer and mitigate your risk of financial, regulatory and reputational damage.

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