Discover why Lexis Diligence is an indispensable component in any Customer Identification Program.

If you do business with American financial institutions, you will be familiar with the CIP (Customer Identification Program) requirement that was implemented in 2003, which requires US financial institutions to develop a CIP appropriate to the size and type of its business. Many other countries have adopted similar 'know your customer' requirements since that time.

If you are involved with any type of international transactions, one of the risks you have to control is whether or not the individuals and companies you do business with are reliable. Performing customer due diligence checks is essential.

Lexis Diligence is a tool that lets you quickly onboard customers while staying compliant with international know your customer or CIP requirements. Enter the names of individuals and companies, and the database will search international sources for relevant content, leaving you with a secured audit trail.

Lexis Diligence fuels your Customer Identification Program with:

Company Information and Profiles

Access over 150 databases of premium business information and millions of public and private company profiles covering developed and emerging markets.

Sanctions, PEPs, and Watch Lists

Ensure your organisation doesn't work with a blacklisted company and put you at risk of costly fines. Screen against all the key international sanctions and watch lists including OFAC, HM Treasury, FBI and over 800.000 PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons).

Negative News Check

Minimise your organisation's reputational risk to your business by checking more than 23.000 current news sources from newspapers, blogs, and newswires dating 4 decades back.

Legal History

Check the litigation history of an individual or company as part of your due diligence screening using the powerful LexisNexis® database of international court cases and decisions.

 Biographical Sources

Delve deeper into an individual's background. Search more than 500 biographical sources and executive profiles, from Who's Who to Debrett's.

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