What is a due-diligence tool?

For organizations, due diligence means conducting a thorough investigation into individuals or entities with whom you do (or may do) business to identify, assess and confirm the available information about them. This research helps you mitigate risk to your company from third parties and enables more informed decision-making. A due-diligence tool, therefore, is critical for facilitating and simplifying these important investigations.

You want a robust due-diligence tool that:

  • delivers highly relevant research, including premium information unavailable on the open web
  • scours myriad sources, including watchlists, sanctions lists and politically exposed person (PEP) lists, as well as current and archival news content
  • accesses crucial legal and public records data, including out-of-court settlements, judgments, liens and bankruptcies
  • filters negative media mentions and highlights terms so you can readily evaluate potential risk from such practices as money laundering, bribery, fraud, forced labor and other forms of corruption
  • is intuitive and user-friendly
  • encompasses multiple languages
  • records information so you can build tailored reports to ensure a comprehensive audit trail for demonstrating regulatory compliance

By taking advantage of the data available to you through a powerful due-diligence tool, you’ll ultimately minimise your risk and protect your business, ensure compliance and be in a position to confidently grow your business.

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