Financial information on 46 million global companies at your fingertips

Are you looking for financial information on a new supplier? Trying to assess the financial risk of doing business with a new customer? Do you want to find out your competitor's credit ratings?

LexisNexis Nexis provides the answers to these questions, and many more. Relying on only the best international sources such as Hoovers, CoreData, Dun & Bradstreet and many others, Nexis provides you with complete profiles and financial information on more than 46 million companies worldwide.

You can then use this information to create your own customized business and financial reports. Nexis helps you to accelerate your business development by providing complete information on company financials as well as executives and directors, brands and competitors, mentions in the news and parent and subsidiary structure.

LexisNexis Nexis helps you to:

Strengthen customer relationships
Grow your business contacts and improve existing relationships by sharing knowledge on how business markets and industries are changing.

Develop new business
Generate and customise company prospect lists to uncover new business lead opportunities.

Build a strong competitor strategy
Compare your performance with that of your 4 closest competitors to keep you one step ahead. See how they are being perceived by the world's news sources.

Manage risk
LexisNexis Nexis will protect your company by offering critical information on due diligence, business partners and suppliers, news of litigation and intellectual property updates.

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