What is negative news search?

Negative news can have a huge impact on the reputation of any business. Negative news searches part of the due diligence process and is done by a business to check news sources like blogs, news sires and newspapers for news involving a customer or third party to prevent cases of bribery, money laundering, corruption and other sanction breaches.

With the Due Diligence tool featuring Negative News Check, you can gain access to a huge database containing over 23,000 news sources dating as far as four decades back. You can browse through blogs, news wires, and other news sources to search for negative news involving a customer, third party or any entity that you’re doing business with. You can also use this tool to learn more about organisations that you want to deal with outside the country to ensure that your business is protected against bribery and other breaches. You can integrate this feature with other useful tools like PEPs, biographical sources and watch lists to make your screening process more efficient.

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