What is a PEP Check?

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are those individuals entrusted with a prominent public function. PEPs can either be individuals with formal political power or those informal but influential political actors such as immediate family members, close business associates and executives, and are considered a central risk to businesses because of their influence. To mitigate this risk, a PEP check is done by a business to a PEP client, third party or other entity to ensure that their influence would not affect the interests of the organisation, especially in the areas of bribery and corruption.

The Lexis Diligence product offers a powerful PEP screening tool to identify and mitigate the risks involved with PEPs. Doing a background check on individuals who are involved in your business and those you want to do business with is now a lot easier through our reliable database of public and private profiles that include companies, PEPs, sanctions and watch lists. Legal history, biographical sources and negative news are also integrated into this tool.

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