Your partner in third party risk management.

Your business is set to a well-timed choreography of supplies and services. One missed beat - a vendor that suddenly ceases shipments, or a compliance snag - can seriously impact your company's productivity, financials and even reputation.

Spotting the "red flags" in a large, complicated global supply chain, for example, requires more than free tools and manual processes. You need broader, deeper, more reliable business intelligence on your third parties, and better efficiency in managing them.

Fortunately, LexisNexis offers a broad set of products and services to help you mitigate different kinds of third party risks, including:

  • Financial risk management
  • Legal risk management
  • Credit risk management
  • Supplier risk management

Risk management products

Lexis Diligence®
Lexis Diligence is a tool that lets you quickly onboard customers while staying compliant with international anti money-laundering procedures. Enter the names of individuals and companies, and the database will search international sources for relevant content, leaving you with a secured audit trail.

When your basic due-diligence checks flag an entity risk, you escalate and expand your due-diligence efforts. This means taking further enhanced due-diligence research, either prompted by results using Lexis Diligence® or when the risk level immediately warrants deeper investigation. IntegraCheck is a set of tools and services that allow you to take the next step and mitigate integrity and compliance risks.

BatchNameCheck is a secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for integrated name checking of current and new entities. It allows companies with a large number of clients to check their database against official sanctions lists. Interpol, PEP, and other international lists can be checked automatically and on a regular basis.

Diligence spotter
Diligence spotter is an international software solution that fulfils all your AML needs. With Diligence spotter software you can run a complete and international AML/CTF risk analysis. One that will satisfy both your management and the auditor. It allows you to execute a NameCheck against official sanctions lists, Interpol and PEP lists and generate AML and MiFID risk profiles.

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