Not all publicity is good publicity. Sentiment Analysis with LexisNexis

The media can make or break your company. In the interest of business continuity, effective monitoring and analysis of your coverage is essential. Are they talking about you? And if so, is that talk positive or negative? LexisNexis' advanced tools help you not only get a complete overview of online and offline international coverage, but perform sentiment analysis as well.

Stay informed
Do you want to know what the media are saying about your products, services or brand? Follow coverage about certain people or companies? Learn the latest news about technological developments, policy issues, regulations and politics? You can with LexisNexis media monitoring tools. With a single mouse click you can search both traditional and online media, including social media.

Draw the right conclusions
Trend monitoring, current awareness, reputation management and sentiment analysis are challenges of today's entrepreneurship. They can mean the difference between decline, stagnation or growth. LexisNexis' professional media analysis tools enable you to draw the right conclusions and to anticipate future developments.

Sentiment analysis
Award winning technology enables us to automatically understand the sentiment of the article in
relation to companies, people, brands or products across 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian.

Current media analysis
You will find the latest news first in the LexisNexis database - from international, national and regional media outlets. We're proud of the fact that coverage from a large majority of sources appears in our system the same day. Online news is available up to 90 days after publication. The print media archive goes back 35 years.

Manage your reputation
The impact of social media is enormous. They play an important role in any media campaign. Some negative messages have the power to completely derail your own communication and can seriously harm your bottom line. Professional social media analysis offers you a chance to control the damage: by responding in a timely manner you may prevent reputation damage, or even turn a threat into a competitive advantage.

Relevant and correct results
With LexisNexis' intelligent and advanced search tools, you can search many reliable (inter)national sources. You will find relevant results, untainted by advertising or manipulation. This way, you can respond to opportunities and threats based on correct information, and adjust your course when necessary.

Our products
Based on our extensive international media database, we offer a range of media monitoring products with sentiment analysis capabilities:

LexisNexis® Newsdesk
LexisNexis® Newsdesk is an all-in-one media monitoring and analytics solution designed to help you discover actionable insights based on comprehensive, global content collection. Built for corporate communications, PR and marketing teams, heads of strategy and business development, as well as competitive intelligence and information professionals, LexisNexis Newsdesk can be customized to
suit all information requirements, regardless of the industry or function.

LexisNexis® Metabase API
LexisNexis Metabase is an application programming interface (API) that allows you to power your own applications, platforms or research with a stream of open web and licensed content. You will get access to 3.5 million news articles and social media posts per day in 75+ languages and 100+ countries, allowing you to monitor the buzz around your brand globally.

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LexisNexis media analysis benefits at a glance
  • Huge number of (inter)national sources
  • Early discovery of trends and developments
  • Effective reputation management
  • Realistic assessment of PR value
  • Time saving automatic searches and alerts
  • Easy and customizable distribution of most relevant articles and analysis