What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring is a process for proactively monitoring social media channels to track, gather and assess information about a company or organisation. These channels include blogs, news websites, social networking sites, message boards, video- and photo-sharing sites, and other user-generated content. With social media monitoring, businesses can:

  • find out the extent of their general visibility across social media
  • track what people are saying online about their brand, products and behaviour – or those of their competitors
  • identify what customers think about other specific topics and products
  • react to these online conversations, directly interacting with customers and others through social media platforms
  • identify emerging industry trends
  • measure the impact of campaigns
  • pinpoint opportunities to engage with customers and potential customers
  • learn about imminent threats to or problems for your business.

A number of tools, including web crawlers and data-mining software, are available to help facilitate social media monitoring. Business can use these tools to scour the web for specific keywords and phrases. The software transfers these words and phrases from unstructured to structured database data. Then, traditional data-mining techniques analyse the data, providing you with insights to empower your decision-making and next steps.

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