Research made easy

Research by Nexis® not only lets you navigate intuitively to more solid and reliable results, it also helps you stay on top of what's going on with competitors, potential business partners and various vendors. So that you can make better business decisions.

More than you expected

At Nexis we're always updating our content collection. Our goal is to help you get a faster and more comprehensive result. With our collection of over 26,000 sources, you get access to 600 company and financial sources, over 300 industry sources and 200 executive and biographical sources.

We'll help get you there

We have built a whole support universe for you, and the Nexis User Site is your gateway. Get lightning-quick access to the latest guides, videos, source updates, tutorials, webinars, case studies, training opportunities. We could go on, but it's a lot faster if you just come see for yourself.

Why Nexis® ?

Nexis Research and why you need it
Better business decisions. Intuitive navigation. The latest information. Speedy research. Need we say more? Nexis Research lets you navigate intuitively to get solid and reliable results. That way, you stay in the know as to what's going on with competitors, potential business partners and various vendors.

How Nexis® works

Nexis® helps you find, analyze and deliver on-point research results in a snap

Search what you need when you need it

Nexis® offers you the flexibility to create both simple and complex information searches. Targeted results are just a few clicks away.

Get clear results from trusted sources

Review your search results in the clear and easy-to-use search forms. Results come from over 200 million companies, out of more than 1,100 industries.

Comprehensive findings for clear reporting

Thanks to Nexis and its growing collection of indexed web sources, full-text news articles and deep archives, you were able to search and review all the issues. Now your report will be detailed and more clear as to the issues surrounding the topic.

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