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“I have been working on Nexis for a few years now. My job entails  Company based research which isn’t possible to do with sources available on the public domains. Nexis has proven to be crucial to our research. It allows us to search through company reports and gets expert answers accurately and quickly, keeping us ahead of competition.”

Sudip Dev, CEO, OPPiDEA Consulting Private Ltd.

About LexisNexis India

Welcome to LexisNexis India, the leading global provider of information solutions! We will provide you with business insights that will lead to sound and successful business decisions.

With more than 950,000 sources, LexisNexis can deliver the vital international research solutions that are needed every day. A vast number of academic and professional users rely on LexisNexis. Not only for recent and past news articles, but also for legal and business information.

Our products? Robust online research databases for the following areas: compliance, news and media, legal, research and intellectual property.

Gain access to a multitude of international sources from authoritative international providers, to benefit and strengthen your research. No firewalls  to block you, copyright taken care of and constantly updated content always at your fingertips.

We support you with the latest technology and information of the highest level  of quality. Our solutions help you to work faster, easier, safer and more efficiently.  Whether for corporate, legal or academic purposes.

Stay one step ahead with the latest compliance regulations and information and receive regular updates across your recently researched topics. You can also run a thorough check on existing or potential business partners to ensure that your business stays strong and compliant.

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