10 clever tips for media to create content that keeps attention

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tips for media to create content that keeps attention

Do you want to create a piece of content that keeps attention?

I already know the answer “Hell, yeah!”

Getting audience attention is not at all easy nowadays, especially with abundance in the content and short attention span of human beings. It is always challenging and tedious to make content stand out but that doesn’t mean you should be discouraged from this. Audience is bombarded daily with lots of content and thus you need to redefine your approach to cut through the clutter.

You’ll surprise to know that the average human attention span has dropped to just 8 seconds which makes things more complicated. With just short time span, the question arises how you can create a content that fetches your audience attention before it’s gone.

We at LexisNexis have recently organized the group discussion and think over this problem. Below we have mentioned the overall conclusion of our brainstorming task in the form of 10 clever tips that help producers and media persons to create content that keeps attention of their target audience with ease. Hope this will help.

Here are 10 magnetic tips that attracts and keep the attention of your target audience within no time:

  1. Head towards to unusual topic or market that you generally not cover
  2. Consider trending storylines that would make you click
  3. Do a bit research and try to uncover hidden angles and connections
  4. Keep the content crystal clear and emotionally powerful
  5. Look for different angles of the same news and write about them to grab audience’s attention
  6. Be the first one to cover the great story
  7. Keep the content conversational and say it out loud
  8. Fetch the in-depth information from the reliable sources and use them to create a quality content
  9. Find the trending interview subject and identify the appropriate person for the same.
  10. Use social proofs in your content and convince audience to come back for more.

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It is important to know that BBC isn’t purchasing any attention any span study. They did their own research and for a crystal clear view, find out their story.

  1. Fetch “Four-Art Structure for media research” tip sheet.
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