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contributed by Sumanta Sengupta

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As social media acquires more and more mind space and time from people across the world. The businesses have to re-invent themselves to stay relevant and stay in business. They are monitoring social discussions even more closely than they ever did. The time spend on social media has grown from 90 minutes a day in 2012, to 135 minutes a day in 2017.

Global social networking audiences surpassed 2 billion users in 2016. So no business can stay immune to this phenomenon. The businesses have paid heavy price for not doing it right on social media. The brands have lost their following and brands have been built on social media.

Gone are the days, when social media was given to the junior most person in the team to handle, who had absolutely no understanding of the business and were  poorly paid as well. Big brands have paid the  price of putting social media handles in the hands of irresponsible people. One of the most infamous case in point is McDonald.

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They could only come back by claiming that their twitter handle was compromised.

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Another example for social media done wrong is the beauty brand dove. Where it tried to counter body shaming. It had made of body wash bottles, resembling various female body shapes. The campaign backfired when people started complaining about how largely abstract the shapes of the bottles were, and their messaging went completely wrong. The campaign video is available in the link below.

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And social media erupted after this campaign went live. Consumers reacted quickly on social media,: “Like, I just want to use my body wash, not be reminded that I’m pear shaped,” a lady tweeted. “Women don’t need to be categorized all the time.”

Thus, you may have all the good intentions in the world, however, what matters how you execute it. These are a few examples of social media done wrong.

Let me give you an example of social media done right. The first Example will be,Airbnb: We Are Here Campaign. This campaign was used by Aribnb to launch their product, trips

It was a Facebook live campaign, where Airbnb hosts showed, that just how much there is to do in cities around the world. A tourist can really become a traveller and really get to see the real sights and hear the real sounds of a city with their Airbnb host.

Airbnb was able to squarely hit their target demographic for Trips with views from millennials contributing to over 22% of those that tuned in (ages 25-34).

The campaign  saw engagement and views coming from over 13 countries which not only helped launch this global product, but also to further the notion that Trips has a global appeal. You can check out the videos on Airbnb Facebook page.

Now, that we have examples of both good and bad campaigns on social media, we should also know, how to measure the impact of the campaign. It is important that you know your objectives before you start any marketing campaign. Once you have outlined the objectives, find metrics that will help you measure the outcome of the campaign. For example if it is brand awareness campaign. You can have metrics like brand lift, unaided brand recall, aided brand recall, increase in brand queries on search engines, etc. Now you are good to go and launch your own social media campaign and make it a huge success.

About the Author: The author is an independent growth marketing consultant, has in the past worked with various startups and helped them scale demand, with growth hacking.

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