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If you were looking for someone online to know more about them, then you would probably have found many websites that would have assured you of finding a person and telling you about them. However, it is not just finding someone that matters. You need to get the right kind of information about that person. That will help you really know more about them. Whether is a new employee you plan to hire or a new client you would be engaging with; it is essential to know more. So, how then do you find the right information that would help you create an accurate profile of a person?

You can get what you want when you pay for it

There are many sources online that promise you to provide free search and information. However, these sources would only provide you a general profile based on their social media accounts. This may not suit your requirement as you would be looking to build a detailed profile. You would need information from multiple sources – from the news, from industry, executive profile, SEC filing, court cases, testimony before Congress, press statements, and so on. There is no shortage of information available. The challenge is how you would find it. For this, you need to consider research solutions that would delve into multiple sources to help you build a profile. This is something free tools can never accomplish.

Quality Matters

When you are looking for information, the obvious choice is Google. There is no doubt that Google is the No. 1 search engine and dominates the market with a 75% share. Google can help you find a lot of information. However, there would be millions of pages of results and you need to go through them in detail to find what you want. Also, Google’s search results tend to get dominated by many factors that include ad purchases, the words you use to search, and your location. The quantity of information you get may not be of much use. You would rather prefer quality. The information you want may lie somewhere deep down the search results. Finding it is not an easy job. You need reliable news stories, analysis, information from newspaper archives, financial portal, company information, financial histories, and such information.

Smart Search

20% of searches on Google actually lead to a new search. This means your original search hit a dead end. You need to thus find an entity that can partner with you and help you with custom searches. They need to be able to filter information and index it and also provide updates. This will help you find the information that you really need.

When you automate your search process, you would be able to get the right kind of information. As a researcher, you need to know everything about a person about whom your company or clients want to know. You need to be able to sift through the result to find out the right information at the right time. This would help you build a comprehensive profile of partners, new hires, and other people you are interested in.