The Surprising Cost of Free – From Lunch to Research

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Nothing in this life comes for free. People generally live in a myth that they can get certain things in life for free like lotteries, lunches, clothes and a lot more. But this is the high time to break their myths and introduce them to the striking reality. Every “free” has a cost. For instance, you have heard about free lunches that if you buy a drink then you can have free lunch, so is that lunch really “free”? Take a moment and think over this reality.

Unfortunately, the concept of “free” things originated from the history. Several restaurants and bar owners offer free lunches and drinks for their promotions but nothing is actually free. Take an example of “buy 1 shirt get 2 socks free” and ask one question to yourself that are these 2 socks really free? You can simply get your answer.

Same concept goes with research. When you are looking for the accurate research solutions on the open web, you think that you can get valid information for free but actually, it is costing you time and risk as well. Let’s find out the surprising cost of “Free” which you should never think of.

Open web Research

Let me inform you that research done from the open web simply costs you risk that whether the information you searched is authentic or not as well time that you have taken to find that piece of content. Business analysts and researchers are now learning that there are several aftermaths of research done from the open web. Depending solely on the open web for the information and taking important business decisions on the basis of the “free” information can cause serious repercussions. For those who think Google is a go-to tool for all searches must know the fact that it is not an authentic source for getting important information. Google and other “free” searching platforms just making business of the available information and thus you cannot trust the information present on the same blindly. That “Free” information can cost you your business and its success so be aware of the free research and step your game by working with LexisNexis.

Here are few incidents of “Free” research:

  • Recently, few journalists have mistakenly covered the wrong news from ironical news sites.
  • Some journalists have reported the news that “blondes are going extinct” but after researching, they found that this news was completely fake and felt embarrassed in front of their readers.
  • There was an incident in which the faux pas of the History Channel documentary covered the documentary of Amelia’s Earhart’s disappearance that depended on one critical piece of evidence but it was refuted on airing of the production.

Try out “Free” but stay secure

Everyone loves trying out free things, be it a lunch of research and this is good from economical point of view as well. There is no ban or restriction on using free things but it is mandatory to stay safe. Google and other free search platforms are good to start with but you can gain confidence only by accessing the reliable information. It is advised to collect information from the reliable and credible sources in order to make the right business decisions. Such paywall-protective sources can help you in getting genuine information.

So, next time whenever you find “Free Lunch or Free Research”, think over it and then take a step forward.  – Information shared by LexisNexis business and market research solutions and research tools providing company in India.