Glossary: Media Intelligence

  • Competitive intelligence

    Keep an eye on your competitors & take strategically smart decisions. Get the right competition analysis & monitoring tool to gain valuable information.

  • Media monitoring & analytics

    Media monitoring and analytics tool identify industry trends, negative market moods, track competitors, protect brand reputation based on valid market data.

  • Social Media Monitoring

    Monitor your competitors' activities using social media monitoring tool. Analyze user-generated content to protect your reputation. Request for a demo!

  • Press Review

    Get digital press clipping with print & online sources. Our press review tool cover all relevant sources of news information across the industry. Try it now!

  • Crisis Communication

    Learn how media monitoring can help you during a crisis, devising a media strategy to recover unscathed.

  • Reputation Management

    Try online reputation management tools to manage, maintain and protect your brand and public relations. Monitor who says what about your organization.

  • Social Listening

    Monitor what is being said about your organization, brand or product through media intelligence & social analytics tool - social media listening. Learn more!

  • Brand Management

    Your brand exemplifies who your company is and what it stands for. It encompasses your company name, logo, products, internal and external messaging, design and any other elements that identify your business and its products and distinguishes them from others in the market.

  • Corporate Communication

    What is corporate communication?Corporate communication is the creation, cultivation, maintenance and distribution of your corporate identity, messaging and brand image.

  • LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™

    LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ provides the exact information you’re looking for. We guarantee ease of use with this Technology. All of our raw data is hidden under metadata or classification technology. Find out how you can benefit from this.

  • Fake news

    Fake news can be a major threat to your organization. We help you recognize and combat fake news.

  • Clipping Newspaper

    Track, analyze and share what is written about your employees, colleagues and products in the media.

  • Secrets of Influencer marketing

    Give yourself the means to implement a truly effective influence marketing strategy

  • E-reputation

    Check and protect the online reputation of your organization, brand or product

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